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For Accountants is an Online Resource specifically designed for Australian accountants in public practice.

Thea Foster and Dale Crosby, both experienced practice management consultants to the accounting profession, have combined resources to provide this service in response to ongoing request from firms for more information about issues and solutions to meet their practice development needs.

You’ll find a wealth of information at For Accountants:

What Product – Online directory of products and services for accounting firms. Over 600 products in 82 categories
Upcoming Events – Workshops, webinars, seminars and conferences designed for staff and partners in accounting firms
Forum – Through our online Q&A and blog, visitors can discuss key issues, get feedback and advice from other practitioners
Upcoming News – The latest supplier and industry news for accounting firms
Knowledge – A wealth of information, tips and hints to help firms achieve their objectives
Market – Take advantage of discounts and other special offers from suppliers to the industry

About the Directors

Dale Crosby, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA

Dale CrosbyDale Crosby is Senior Advisor with High Tech Soft Touch Pty Ltd and MergeAssist Pty Ltd.

Dale has been working closely with accounting firms throughout Australia and New Zealand for the past 15 years. He is passionate about helping staff of accounting firms really engage with their work, their clients and with the people around them. Focus is on the development and integration of advisory services and transitional strategies to maximise the ‘value of the deal’ for firms involved in merger or acquisition.

Through its eLearning Platform, High Tech Soft Touch provides a range of structured self-paced online learning programs for administrators, accountants, managers, partners and principals of accounting and advisory firms.


Thea Foster

Copy (1)GRO39Thea is the “accountants’ accountant”. She is a chartered accountant with over 30 years experience in the accounting profession. As a practice consultant Thea has advised many accountants and accounting firms on various issues relating to the management of their practices, especially proprietor entrances and exits. Thea also designs and conducts workshops for accountants.


In her consulting practice Thea has helped with the valuation of firm goodwill and negotiations on purchases and sales, plus support for practitioners during some nasty ownership disputes.


Thea facilitates her long standing The Accountants Peer Groups and Small Firm Groups for accounting firm practitioners. These Groups include firms who have participated for over 15 years. There are specialised groups for Technology, Audit and SMSF.


In addition to practice management presentations for accountants, for business owners Thea has a brief but challenging talk, entitled “Learn To Love Your Accountant”! For accountants, amongst other things, Thea speaks on “Why Accountants Are Really Wonderful”. The aim in Thea’s presentations is for participants to have fun, pick up ideas and information, determine how to apply those in their practices, then become motivated to do so.


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