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Brad Geelan

Brad Geelan is a Client Development Manager and a member of our team since 2003. He’s been a key figure in guiding accounting firms and SMEs into a profitable future through standardising the best way of doing things with the latest industry tools and techniques. Brad also co-ordinates our annual benchmarking study “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Australian Accounting Profession”, making it the most widely distributed edition in its 14 years of publication. In his spare time you will find Brad in the backyard playing cricket with his two boys.

Author Posts

Six characteristics of extremely profitable firms

2017 marks sixteen years of Business Fitness guiding the accounting industry, and for fifteen of those years we have been keeping a close eye on the trends and developments...

Good Bad Ugly 2017 is now open

This year marks the 15th edition of the Good Bad Ugly survey of the Australian accounting profession, it is now open and we are collecting  more relevant benchmarking information than ever before.


The Top Challenge Facing Accounting Firms in 2018

Efficiency of process has been amongst the top three challenges facing the Australian accounting industry for the last five years, and accountants have voted it as the biggest challenge...

Good Bad Ugly Insight Report – 2018 Outlook, rates & pricing, is now available

The Good Bad Ugly Insight Report – 2018 Outlook, rates & pricing is now available to download.

Over 200 firms contributed to this poll to provide the insights and trends...

The 7 Overlooked Benefits of Proper Document Management

Hardly an exciting point of discussion, document management is often overlooked in discussions around efficiency in accounting firms. Yet, partners who realise how much time and energy is being...

The missing link in your firm’s day-to-day efficiency

The trend

In the last decade, a silent trend has been sweeping through the Australian accounting industry. It’s a small switch that has seen some impressive results. In fact, it’s...

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