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Chris Brycki

Chris Brycki is the founder and CEO of Stockspot. He started the company in 2013 to help more Australians access unbiased, transparent investment advice and portfolio management online. Email chris@stockspot.com.au A highly experienced trader, he spent his early career as a portfolio manager at hedge funds and UBS investing the banks’ capital. During this time Chris saw how traditional industries like retail and media were being disrupted by innovative and fast moving technology companies. He decided to do the same to wealth management. He's a member of ASIC's Digital Advisory Committee and ASIC’s Financial Advisers Consultative Committee. In 2015, he was named in the Top 35 Influencers of Financial Planning by Adviser Ratings. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance Co-op Scholarship) from the University of NSW.

Author Posts

The ATO and Robo-advice

The ATO recently issued a statement  about accountants referring clients to robo advice businesses. It has since removed the statement from its website likely because it crossed into an...

Accountants in the age of fintechs

The entire financial services industry is going through unprecedented change as the impact of new fintech companies quickly unfolds. While technology is at the core of that change, the...

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