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David Oliver

David is a Senior Executive of the business and has been at the forefront of the accounting profession for more than 40 years. Always thinking ahead, David has an ability to see the future of the profession and in particular the impact of new technologies on the industry. This foresight is the driving force behind his leadership of the business' development of pioneering App software that makes accountants' business lives easier.

Author Posts

Making Business Life Better For Australian Accounting Firms and Their Clients

It’s a changing landscape, mobile use is soaring and Apps have now become the number one tool we use. What’s more, with so much innovation occurring in Australia around...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on Australian Accounting Firms

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in a number of fields, including robotics, AI, quantum computing, 3D printing, bio technology & the internet of things.


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