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Jadeja Partners are committed to the founding philosophy established by Dip Jadeja in the early 1990’s; giving back to the accounting community through full cycle support. We focus on more than just helping you sell your accounting practice; Locum, Overflow and Add-ons complete the circle.

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Demand for accounting M&A remains strong

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) remain the most popular method of corporate growth within the accounting and financial advisory sectors despite challenges.

Reasons for undertaking a merger or acquisition include:

  • An increase...

Developing a Retirement Plan – increases your sale price

There is one obstacle in the way of a successful sale of your practice that might surprise you. It has nothing to do with your clients or staff....

How to add 20% to your practice value – the hook

What would you do if your new financial year started with one of your key staff walking out the door with $200,000 of your fees? Wouldn’t happen? I have...

The Seduction of Growth (gurus)

Are you being seduced by a GROWTH story that could harm your firm?

Have you noticed how many growth gurus there are these days. You know the ones, good-looking, silver...

Accounting firm M&A activity on the rise


Nothing reinforces the value of a good accountant quite like a federal budget. Morrison’s...

How to value a CA firm – Back to Basics

The most common question our team get asked at accounting conferences is ‘what am I worth?’ Of course, what practitioners mean is: What is the value of my accounting firm,...

Start the new year right – our 2018 do’s and don’ts

Tips and Hints to build value in your practice if you’re looking to sell or merge!

Revelling in Verbier’s fresh powder runs contemplating your strategic goals for 2018? Here’s our top...

5 industry trends accountants should take note of in 2017

Today more than ever, change is constant and relentless. And its rate (unlike Australia’s interest) continues to increase, driven in no small part by technology and digital innovation. With...

M&A – Key risks with client transition in small purchases

When buying (and selling) client fees, it’s clearly in the best interests of both parties to make the transition as gentle as possible for the clients involved in the...

Accounting Practices For Sale

With the market being a buoyed one with buyers still seeking out good practices, we still find a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards the buy / sell

Practice Purchases – Checklist of Items to Collect At, or Post, Settlement

Practice Purchases – Checklist of Items to Collect At, or Post, Settlement

The other day someone asked, “what should I collect at, or immediately after, settlement, once the firm purchase...

Valuing SMSF Administration Companies (& SMSF Books of Business in Public Practice Accounting Practices)

As a generality, Public Practice Accountancy Practices can sell for between $0.75 and $1.00 ~ Premium for every $1.00 of ‘recurrent revenue’, whilst SMSF Administration companies (and SMSF books...

Distressed Sales, Do They Occur, For What Prices and Under With What Conditions?

One issue for people on the cusp of retirement is,

What will happen if ​death comes along whilst I am at ​my​ desk?

I can understand such people wanting to continue to...

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