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Mike Page

A qualified accountant who has worked in practice and spent more than 15 years in the software industry. Mike is passionate about delivering solutions that provide value to customers and he has a successful track record of delivering flagship software and services for the likes of Sage, Iris and Advanced. Mike and his team are responsible for our product direction and dedicated to developing a first class customer experience.

Author Posts

Being a Connected Accountant is an Essential Part of of Today’s Always on World

A term first coined by the Bay Street Group[1], the ‘Connected Accountant’ is defined as an individual who can deliver an increased level of responsiveness, client service...

Will Accountants Cross the Digital Bridge in 2019?

According to a report by the independent research firm Forrester, 2019 will be the year that aspirations for digital transformation translate into “pragmatic” actions – here are...

State of Social Annual report 2019 – 10 Top Line Facts for the Accountant

Based on the responses of over 1800 businesses in the new State of Social Report 2019, paid for social media advertising is shown to be gaining traction...

State of Mobile Report 2019 – 10 Need to Know Facts for the Accountant

The top-level findings in the industry’s leading annual mobile insights report ‘State of Mobile 2019’ suggest that there is no longer any industry or company that can afford to...

Improve the Client Experience with Virtual Assistants

Apps are getting the AI treatment

The hot topic of 2018 is undoubtedly AI. Wherever you look there are new takes on how AI is going to impact business and...

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