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Peter Hickey

Peter Hickey is a worldwide leading SME expert. He has been active in buying and selling businesses and has a passion for helping business owners achieve what he has achieved. Peter was the founder of the brand MAUS in 1990. He successfully built the company from a one-man business to a multi-million dollar concern and sold it a multibillion dollar publisher. Peter Hickey is a bestselling author and creator of a wide range of business tools published by MAUS. He wrote a bestselling book on Business Planning. He won the Ernst & Young NSW “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 1999. He founded an educational division and authored a management training course that is now an accredited Executive Masters of Entrepreneurship run through one of the largest Universities in Asia.

Author Posts

Building your Advisory Practice by creating a One Page Exit Plan© for clients

The best way to motivate business owners and sell your accounting firm’s advisory services is to keep it simple! Provide your clients with thought provoking analysis, questions and templates.


Exit & Succession – The Next Economic Bubble

Have you ever encountered a client who is planning to sell their business? Or do you have clients asking for ad-hok advisory services? You would be a rare case...


An Opportunity For Accountants To Join The Cloud

Many accountants are recognizing the need to convert existing compliance clients to a 15-30k advisory assignment. By introducing or expanding this profitable revenue arm, accounting practices are also meeting...

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