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The Security Sell – How to talk to your clients about cloud computing security

42% of Australian businesses have adopted cloud software in some form, but if you’re running an online practice there can still be worries from clients around the security of...

Are 6 hour working days now reality?

Automation promised to bring us shorter work days and more time to do what we love.

Now, that’s finally starting to look like a reality. We talk to pioneering digital...

5 more cloud bookkeeping mistakes to avoid


Cloud technology has changed the way we work. It’s no longer something that’s ‘coming in the future’ – cloud-based software is already being used across a huge...

How to use social media in your practice

No matter where you are based in the world, social media provides a valuable opportunity to reach existing clients and engage new clients everywhere. It introduces your brand and...

Receipt Bank’s Sights Firmly Set On Bookkeeper Productivity

Bookkeeping and productivity are often not seen together in the same sentence. For many years the bookkeeping process relied on outdated systems, workflows and processes. Cloud applications, including Receipt...

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