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Survival Of The Unfittest

There has been a great deal of publicity about recent amendments to the Tax Act which considerably lifts the burden on directors of companies in relation to their obligations...

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Thinking Fast And Slow

Here is a very simple puzzle for you. It’s so simple the answer will probably just spring to mind.

  • A bat and ball cost $1.10. The bat costs one dollar...

The Construction Of Financial Statements – Process


The construction of financial statements does not have to be the onerous...

With Trust comes a Duty of Care


One of the great things about the Australian software industry is...

Sydney Publishing Company Finds SILVER LINING In Its New Cloud Based Technology

You are going to start your own firm, may I ask you some “W” questions?

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1.       What exactly will you do?

What style of firm do you intend?  Will you try to start small and grow...

The top 10 must-have features of the ideal wages solution.

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1.     It must be seamless and easy to use.

The vast...

Duties of a Chief Financial Officer – How do they relate to SMEs





It is enlightening to consider the...

Training Beyond Accounting

How can you help your business clients prevent fraud?

Most managers of accounting firms know business owners who’ve lost cash or stock due to fraud.  However, fraud has a wide reach and also includes the loss of intellectual...

Apprenticeship Grants Help SMEs

The Australian government offers a range of incentives to employers, to engage apprentices.

The current ‘hot’ incentive is the Kickstart Incentive. This is available to employers who engage apprentice plumbers,...

Measuring the market

die for stock

As a stockbroker and a shareholder I need to constantly ‘measure’ the performance of individual...

Now is the time for improved leadership in our communities

“Now is a time for improved leadership in our communities.” 

Treasurer Swan may think the economy is OK but many of us in SME-land are finding it tough going right...

ESS Biz Grants

Update on Government Grants

Update on Government Grants from ESS BIZGrants

Clean Technology Grants

The Australian government has introduced some significant grants to assist manufacturers who, in an endeavour to maintain their competitiveness...

ESSBIZGrants – New technology tool to help accountants identify government grants for SMEs.

Accountants can now subscribe to ESS BIZGrants, a cloud technology product that has been developed as a “tool” to assist them to identify government grants, loans and assistance that...

Clever Practice Management Tools

We have been asked what clever practice management tools are used by small to medium firms?  Is there something you have sourced and use which makes a significant difference...

Motivating Younger Staff

Motivating Younger Staff

Have you discovered the techniques to encourage your young people to positively engage with the work they do, the clients and the firm?

Clearly part of the answer...

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