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The missing link in your firm’s day-to-day efficiency

The trend

In the last decade, a silent trend has been sweeping through the Australian accounting industry. It’s a small switch that has seen some impressive results. In fact, it’s...

“Fee Slippage” Is a Hurdle to Overcome When Negotiating to the “Next Level”

Whilst there is some debate as to the degree that individual accountancy businesses will be affected by changes in the marketplace relating to taxation returns, financial advice and superannuation...

3 Ways Accountants Can Avoid Ransom-Ware Ruin

Ransom -ware. It’s scary when you are unaware of what you don’t know. Most Accounting practices and Services Professionals have a massive false sense of security, when it comes...

Taking redundancy one step at a time

One of the most common questions we receive from employers here at Workforce Guardian is: ‘how much redundancy pay do I need to give to my departing employee?‘.

While this might...

Go from surviving to thriving in 2017!

With the 2016 calendar year coming to a close, it’s an appropriate time to evaluate current Accounting trends and how they may impact your business. The 2016 Bstar Accountants...

High Tech with a Soft Touch – Client and Team Engagement

The so-called ‘digital disruption’ is leading to significant changes in the way that the leaders of accounting firms manage their work, their people and their clients.  Cloud accounting, bank...

Business Evaluation Workshops Help SMEs Add Value

One way an accountancy business can be seen to be proactive in assisting small/medium enterprise clients to add value to their businesses is to offer to conduct an annual...

How To Leverage For Profitability!

According to a recent Good Bad Ugly benchmark report from Business Fitness, one of the best indicators of profitability for accounting firms is simply leverage – the number of...

Audit: In or Out?

This is a comment I made to an AFR journalist, it was printed in the AFR a few weeks ago, after which I was asked what I meant.

My response...

Are Cheap SMSF’s Worth It?

Article by David Saul, of Saul SMSF.

There are sometimes offers by businesses for free SMSF set up and/or free annual administration.  Indeed there are also cheap offerings for SMSF...

Three Issues To Consider When Planning

What Do You Enjoy Doing,

What Do Clients Need/Want


For What Work Can You Charge Good Fees?


This post is part of...

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Who is Connect Accounting and how are we contributing to the accounting profession.

Connect AccountingWho is Connect Accounting and how are we contributing to the accounting profession.

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Problems with Payroll Tax

Problems with Payroll Tax

Despite wide spread business dislike of payroll tax (PRT), the current fiscal and tax landscape suggests it is with us for a good while yet.


Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

The transition period for the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) concludes on the 31st January 2014.  In less than two months’ time, the legislation will become fully effective in...

Training Beyond Accounting

What’s stopping you from becoming a better advisor?

Over the past 10 years, accounting firms have taken control of tax compliance work through the development of strong internal systems and processes supported by qualified and trained accounting...

Can annual leave ever be non-current?

Can annual leave ever be non-current?Measurement (AASB 119) versus Presentation (AASB 101) considerations


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