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Alisdair Barr

Alisdair Barr is the founder and CEO of Striver. He’s also been a key figure in developing the best practice frameworks for how financial advisory and accounting firms hire and manage early career talent. Alisdair has been recognised by the AFA for his contribution to the advice profession, including the best practice study and frameworks within ‘The Perfect Marriage –The Graduate and the Firm’. When he’s not working for clients with Striver, you’ll probably find Alisdair spending time with his young family

Author Posts

Resourcing great staff and why a good job description is the keystone

When you do something every day, you become very good at it. Most accountants within small to medium firms don’t deal with resourcing often, so it’s important to consider...

Do you know how to hire and manage graduates or early career seekers successfully?

Accounting graduates and early career seekers are the future of our profession. Yet more often than not, they take up the most time when hiring and managing to get...

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