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Bruce Gleeson

As an Insolvency & Restructuring Practitioner I believe it is important that stakeholders receive the opportunity to get the right advice on the options available to them. This includes, directors, shareholders, employees, trade creditors and financiers. I believe that in providing such information and advice, it is important to focus on being able to achieve realistic outcomes. I also take a very hands on approach to insolvency matters to which I am appointed to ensure that such outcomes are regularly assessed and obtained.

Author Posts

Temporary Relief for Directors’ Personal Liability for Trading Whilst Insolvent

Readers may possibly recall that the Federal Government announced a raft of temporary relief measures in late March 2020, some of which were aimed at giving directors of companies’...

Temporary Relief Measures for Financially Distressed Businesses Extended – Proceed with Caution

The Federal Government announced on 7 September 2020 a further extension to 31 December 2020 of temporary relief measures that were previously set to expire on 24 September 2020....

Why strong emotional cashflow is critical for success

Covid 19 was first confirmed in late January 2020. Subsequently on 20 March 2020 restrictions such as the closing of our borders and social distancing were introduced. Since these...

Beware of Zombie Companies Post Covid-19

The proliferation of zombie companies pre Covid-19 has largely been fuelled by reduced financial pressure. Examples being financial institutions continuing to offer (or not otherwise call in) finance...

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