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Scott Brewster

Umlaut are the experts in understanding data disorder - and how to fix it. We’ll tailor a plan for your financial advisory firm that stops wasted time spent on poor procedures, manual processing and repetitive tasks. As a Co-Founder of Umlaut - I’m proud to be making a positive impact in an industry that is experiencing skyrocketing growth, while being buffered by sharply changing legislation and compliance.

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How digital fact finds are revolutionising client onboarding

The success of your financial advice practice hinges on its efficiency. The more clients you can assist to achieve their financial goals, the greater the cash flow to your...

FASEA Standard 8 Record Keeping Obligations | How to comply

As a result of the Royal Commission report, FASEA has introduced a Code of Ethics for financial planners that includes extra record-keeping obligations.

However, the...

Preparing your advice team to work remotely

A robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures your team can work and collaborate effectively wherever they are located.

For financial advice practices, this means ensuring advisers have access to the...

Selling a financial planning practice: tips for a successful transition

Due to tighter compliance requirements and changing personal priorities, many advisors are starting to think of selling their practice.

But selling a practice isn’t like listing a products...

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