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One platform with smart automation to manage expenses, supplier invoices, PO’s & travel spend. All with budget visibility.

About expensemanager

Designed, developed and supported locally in Australia, expensemanager is a service-first spend management company that builds software designed to revolutionise business processes. As a company, we are passionate about what we do and how our technology can better support our client’s success, such as seamless integration with all MYOB products.

Why leading brands love expensemanager

  • One seamless platform offering smart automation for all areas of spend
  • Trusted by leading finance teams and loved by users
  • Live and local support and committed to customer service excellence
  • Seamless integration with leading ERP systems including all MYOB products
  • Continuous innovation and enhancements with an agile and local development team
  • Low-cost solution that has been proven to boost ROI effectively and efficiently

Our products

Our products allow businesses to harness the power of automation through our industry-leading software whilst integrating directly with your MYOB system. Our modules work together to bring all your spend processes into one powerful platform. Say goodbye to maintaining multiple software solutions. Take all modules or just one, the choice is yours.

Expenses – Simplify your business spend

Create, submit and approve expenses anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether its corporate, business or personal cards, reimbursements mileage or travel, simplify your business spend with expensemanager.

Invoices – Automate your Accounts Payable

Automate and shift all of your accounts payable processes online. Eliminate the costly problem of paper invoices, manual entry and slow approvals.

Budgets – Give your staff visibility

No more hidden spreadsheets. Your team can see their budgets at the time of spend to ensure they make smart and sensible decisions.

Purchase Orders – Seamlessly control spend

By making the entire purchase process online, informative and easy to use, expensemanager gives employees the ability to plan their spend. Integrate with our invoice module for a complete purchase to pay platform.

Trip Reconciler – Control the hidden cost of travel

Hands-free travel and Uber receipts are sent directly to your travellers with expense matching and auto coding. Credit card, on-account or travel cards.

FBT Wizards – Become a Tax Wizard

With simple wizards, users can allocate FBT and GST correctly and without manual calculations. Powerful reporting to compare the 50/50 or Actual method.

Join leading brands that use expensemanager

  • KFC
  • WWF Australia
  • Guide Dogs
  • Ronald McDonald Charity House Australia
  • Peoplebank
  • Ardex
  • QSL
  • Many, many more.


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