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Dale Crosby
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Deal making is hard, but integration following a merger or acquisition is even harder. Capturing the value of M&A is a balancing act that requires close attention to people, clients, resources, systems and culture.

MergeAssist Pty Ltd helps both buyers and sellers of accounting firms to navigate successfully through the transition process to maximise the value of M&A. Our specialist advisors will guide you through M&A transition with a calm and steady approach to take the stress and anxiety out of the process.

Senior Advisors Magnus Yoshikawa and Dale Crosby have over 20 years’ experience working with accounting and financial advisory firms to achieve strong results.  With the increase in M&A activity in recent years, both Magnus and Dale have worked closely with both buyers and sellers to maximise the value of M&A.

Through their alliance partners Jadeja Partners and High Tech Soft Touch, Magnus and Dale are able to provide a complete ‘front to back end’ service – from preparing a business for sale, bringing buyers and sellers together to guiding the process of transition and integration so that the value of the deal can be maximised.

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