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Shane Reid
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We are Data Management Experts. We don’t just sell software; we create holistic solutions that empower your business. Discover a strategic data management approach that brings together software, services and cutting-edge technologies. Each solution is tailor-made to address your unique business challenges and see you through your Data Journey.

ümlaut provides customers with a comprehensive ‘Discovery’ programme that includes:

  • Expert analysis of the organisation’s existing processes
  • Discovery of process ‘gaps’, and areas of improvement (matching of applications to environment for optimal cost-efficiency and productivity)
  • Implementation including rollout of application and training
  • Custom software solutions development to reduce costs and improve efficiency of document workflow

The value we bring to our customers is a model that not only reduces costs, but also IT and administrative burden, increased leverage with key suppliers, and better visibility and control.

Our main product is AdvisorForms, to find out more click here.

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