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Daniel Richards

Daniel is a member of the executive team at MyFirmsApp – the global leader in Apps for Accountants and Bookkeepers. He is passionate about helping firms maintain a key role in the always-on App environment which plays such an important part in our daily lives. With smartphone penetration at 90% across many developed countries, and only 10% of time spent browsing websites from 'phones then there is both a necessity and a real opportunity for firms of all sizes to better engage clients and turn 'digital' to their advantage.

Author Posts

State of Mobile Report 2020: Top Takeaways for Accountants

Author: Daniel Richards, Strategic Partnerships Director, MyFirmsApp

Mobile has become the ‘central nervous system of our connected lives’ according to the latest State of Mobile Report 2020. This annual appraisal...

Start the Digital Journey with Receipt Management

Author: Daniel Richards, Strategic Partnerships Director, MyFirmsApp


In recent years, the accounting profession has faced a full-on challenge to change the mindset of clients who want to hang on to...

5 Top Trends Affecting Accounting Firms in 2020

As we usher out the old year and welcome in the new, it’s a good time to consider which business practices are working and which may need to change. ...

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