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Medicare Levy Charges for 2013/2014


Accountants need to consider advice options around SMSF

Accountants providing advice on the establishment of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) should not automatically consider becoming licensed as the solution to the end of the exemption in 2016.

Securitor Offer...

The CommBank Business Blog

The CAN Business blog site contains a spectrum of information for small business clients and prospects. It gives clients instant access to useful information on topical business...

Demystify your understanding of Audit Shield

Sometimes we hear a few misconceptions about the tax audit insurance offering, Audit Shield.
Here are a few common myths and explanations.

Myth 1: “Audit Shield only covers audits”

The comprehensive...

Why A Corporate Trustee Makes Sense

This question can be expected. Read more on Why A Corporate Trustee Makes Sense…

Should I transfer the family home?? Beware!!

We are continually surprised by individuals who transfer ownership of their property (usually the family home) to a co-owner or family member for no consideration or for consideration of...

Top 10 SMSF Compliance Tips

Compliance is a vital part of running any SMSF.

Here are some of my top tips to ensure you reduce your risks.

  1. Record – keeping – Make sure you keep proper records...

The SMSF Permanent File – What to Include

Interestingly, some SMSFs have good and detailed annual accounting records, but their Permanent File is almost non-existent or quite often incomplete.  Then it becomes necessary to track down what...

To Audit or Not, That Is the Question: Making Audit Profitable

Some firms have anguished and resolved this issue.  I suspect in days gone by, most accounting firms did some audit.  Now, many small to medium firms don’t.  Why?

I recall...

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