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CaseWare has been the leading provider of Audit and Financial Reporting software solutions in Australia and New Zealand for more than 20 years. Working closely with industry experts ensures our suite of templates, worksheets and supporting services meet the needs of our thousands of licence holders in Australia, whilst remaining efficient, current and compliant.

CaseWare Audit System is a purpose-built auditing tool that facilitates high quality Financial Statement Audits. Key assessments like Materiality, Risk Ratings and Strategy are all linked and flow throughout the file to ensure engagements are performed efficiently and accurately. Annotations, automated lead sheets and adjustments to complement ASA workpapers are included, making Audit System a valuable all-round solution. Included is a secure client portal for the receipt and delivery of documentation and information, and a number of other applications that assist with managing multiple client audits.

CaseWare Financials is designed to produce compliant financials statements, with content for 40 entity types authored by a current AASB board member included. Disclosures can be easily tailored to suit individual entity reporting requirements, and balance adjustments can be posted live at any time.

CaseWareCloud SMSF Audit is specifically built for Australian SMSF Auditors. It features powerful time saving features like integration with SMSF administration platforms (Class Super, superMate, BGL Simple Fund & Simple Fund 360 etc), optimized content selection and smart procedures, workflow and productivity tools.

CaseWareCloud Analytics deals with the import, test and analysis of large data sets that can assist in assessing audit risk by identifying outliers and unusual data patterns. Over 100 tests can be applied to data with a simply ‘point and click’ interface, and the results are generally provided in graph or visual formats for easier analysis.

For more information visit our website or phone us on 03 9660 4660.

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