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CaseWare SMSF Audit is a Cloud based application specifically built for Australian SMSF Auditors. This compliant and collaborative web-based solution includes powerful time saving features like integration with SMSF administration platforms (Class Super, superMate, BGL Simple Fund & Simple Fund 360), optimized content and smart procedures, workflow and productivity tools.

Secure, Collaborative Platform

CaseWareCloud SMSF AuditTM takes collaboration to a whole new level, enabling secure communication between stakeholders while seamlessly integrating with numerous cloud based applications.

Purpose-built Offering

CaseWareCloud SMSF AuditTM adopts intuitive workflows specific to auditors’ needs while providing managers with centralised report views to help manage productivity and audit quality.

Powerful Workflow & Productivity Tools

Flexible staffing solutions and demand for access to information, has driven CaseWare to provide auditors with multiple options. Remote locations? Different devices? No problem with CaseWareCloud SMSF AuditTM!

Partnering with CaseWare will build confidence …

  • for business growth
  • for service delivery
  • in your auditing systems

Partnering with CaseWare will build trust with …

  • the people you work with
  • the technology you engage
  • the content necessary to get the job done

Partnering with CaseWare you can be certain …

  • to see improved efficiency
  • our content will keep you compliant
  • we’ll be there when you need us

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Product Name
CaseWare SMSF Audit