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What’s Dext? 

We make accountants and the businesses you advise more productive, profitable and powerful with better data and insights.

OK, but what’s Dext? What does it mean?

Dext is made up of two words. Dexterity – a nod to the real dexterity that accountants bring to business problems, and next as in the next generation of accountants.

So what does its products do?

Dext has two. Prepare* helps you prepare accounts quicker, fetching data automatically, categorising it with supplier and customer rules, all in real time.

You can process all invoices with one-click photo upload. This frees up your team to spend more time adding value to business, and less time on the basics. Dext Prepare ultimately makes bookkeeping profitable.  

Once your client is connected, all their important financial information is transferred securely to [our platform]. From there, you unlock the clearest possible view of their business finances – making it easier to provide them with better data and better advice.

And the other?

Precision* gives you actionable insights from accurate data. Award winning assurance gives you confidence in the quality of your client’s data, and is available with Xero and Intuit.

You can identify and solve mistakes before they happen, keeping you on top of your data and always one step ahead. 

In short, Precision is the essential data toolkit for cloud accounting users. 

It provides high-quality, accurate data to help you eliminate costly tasks like looking for errors, or taking action retrospectively. Strengthen client relationships, upskill your practice and – thanks to more billable advisory – increase revenue, too.

What’s new?

Precision (formerly Xavier) now becomes the ultimate data toolkit. It means you can work with more clients to get better insights from accurate data. 

With error-free data and proactive insights, you can upskill your practice and become an indispensable business partner for more of your clients.

We’re making a new, single view dashboard bringing useful insights from both Precision and Prepare together in one place.

Prepare and Precision dual users get clear client insights from both Dext products being brought together, so you can see what needs attention in an instant. 

The Dashboard gives you total numbers of documents to be actioned, a clear view of client onboarding, and a regular view of payroll status, regular suppliers, overpayments and sales tax status for your most important clients. 

How is all this going to help my firm?

Using Dext products makes bookkeeping more profitable, frees up your best people to focus on your most important clients and gives you more accurate data to advise them with financial insights in real time. 

In short, more productive and profitable practices from better data. 

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