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ESS BIZGRANTS is a quick and efficient solution to finding government grants for SMEs. Made for small/medium enterprises, ESS BIZGRANTS streamlines the process by helping client businesses find government grants, loans and incentives. ESS BIZGRANTS offers a better service for your clients, identifies concisely what clients may be eligible to apply for and ultimately an provides an opportunity to earn fees by undertaking additional work relative to the government grant.


Better Service

A better service for your clients – as many small to medium businesses are missing out on government grants, accountants/business advisers can offer a worthwhile referral service for their clients as to which government grants/loans/incentives are available.

Identify Information

There are a lot of government grants available and to keep with all of the grants and knowing what they will cover is a large and tedious task. ESS BIZGRANTS system’s goal is to make this task easier and more efficient for accountants/business advisers, therefore offering a better quality service to the client by seeking and delivering any possible grants for which they may be eligible.

Opportunity To Earn

The accounting/business advisory firm may then be able to earn fees by undertaking additional work relative to the government grant. In most cases, the accountant/business advisory firm will have to submit a quotation to the client and have to be accepted by the relevant government department, before the accountant/business advisory firm can undertake the work.

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