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Carla Sonza
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Online Officer specializes in Australian taxation, bookkeeping, accounting and financing services that are ATO-compliant.

Grow your Business with a Remote Team: Dedicated outsourcing solutions designed to cut down your cost, improve your efficiency and increase your ROI.

Quality Outsourcing and Offshoring to the Philippines: Online Officer makes it easy for businesses in Australia and all over the world to outsource tasks, projects, and even set up dedicated teams in the Philippines.

We are committed to providing business process solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, saving our clients thousands of dollars and bringing strategic benefits to them.

24/7 CLIENT SUPPORT – Online Officer multiplies your business growth by helping streamline your processes with our wide array of outsourcing and offshoring solutions.

ACCESS TO QUALITY STAFF – Whether you want to hire a long-term virtual assistant or you need a whole team for a one-off project, Online Officer can provide for all your staffing needs.

COST-EFFECTIVE SERVICES – One of the advantages of hiring a virtual assistant or outsourcing is the significant amount of dollars you will save. We provide quality services at an affordable rate.