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David Smith
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We provide practical firm innovations, based on the decades we have spent as practicing accountants and business consultants. We know what works best, because we’ve done it. Smithink provides a wide variety of consulting services and educational events, tools and resources under the one roof.

We hold various events such as webinars and conferences that cover a wide variety of topics that can be accessed from our website.

If you need help in

  • Creating a culture of accountability that drives performance in your firm
  • Reviewing the pros and cons of different team structures and implementing team structure change
  • Reviewing and optimising your processes and technology usage
  • Dealing with partnership change and partner succession plans
  • Reviewing and integrating mergers or acquisitions
  • Creating and implementing an effective marketing plan
  • Improving your client engagement methodology to increase satisfaction and develop more work
  • Conducting an effective partner retreat/strategy day or team day
  • Ensuring that your plans are effectively implemented and managed
  • Addressing change coming from the ATO, technology change and business generally

We can facilitate a partner or team strategy day/retreat, as well as design and facilitate a conference, retreat or planning session for your firm. We can also present relevant keynote sessions and skill development workshops on various aspects of firm management and development. We’ll manage part or all of it for you – it’s up to you.

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