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Detailed Information

Stockspot is Australia’s leading digital investment adviser and fund manager (robo-advice). We use technology to build and manage personalised investment portfolios. Our aim is to make low fee and transparent professional portfolio management accessible to more Australians.

Stockspot’s Partner Program gives accountants access to Australia’s largest digital investment adviser and allows them to make the investment platform available to clients without needing to provide financial advice.

It’s easy to get started

1.      Help us get to know you

Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll work out which investment strategy is most suitable for you.

2.      Select your investments

We help select the right mix of assets, then take care of investing your funds and rebalancing your portfolio.

3.      We look after the rest

We continuously monitor your portfolio and keep your strategy updated to reflect any changes in your life.

Why Stockspot

  • Advice tailored to your goals
  • Low fees
  • Strong track record
  • Greater control
  • Transparent
  • Investment experts

Our investment philosophy

  • Asset allocation drives the majority of portfolio returns and risk so it’s vital to get that right first.
  • Low cost index funds provide superior after-fee returns to actively managed funds engaged in stock picking or market timing.
  • Markets move in cycles so after a period of strong returns in one asset it is prudent to rebalance into others to lock in profits and reduce risk.
  • When it comes to investing, there is return, cost and risk. Everything else is just marketing.
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