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T4 Group is a Dedicated IT Support Provider for Accountants, providing Technology Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Network & Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions and ongoing maintenance of IT systems. We aim to integrate your system so that it is able to help your business run faster, easier and more profitably. With our services we aim to maximise uptime & productivity, minimise bugs and cost of maintenance and tear down the barrier between interface and user through good design.

Why Choose Us?

For most accounting firms, connecting the dots when it comes to technology can be confusing, time consuming and COSTLY.

If your computer and IT support provider’s profitability is tied to your frequent computer problems and expensive downtime, then the premise of your business relationship is flawed as your goals and theirs are out of alignment. After all, great computer and IT support should be HELPING make YOUR BUSINESS run faster, easier and more profitably.

When talking to prospective new clients, I often hear how they have been dealing with: poor response times, lack of knowledge and reoccurring or constant computer problems. At T4 Group, we have developed our business model to address these issues head on and help reduce clients technology stress and frustrations.

If you are your wits end about your current computer and IT support because they never seem to get everything working, are unreliable about responding to problems, don’t follow through on promises, don’t take ownership of issues and overall provide shabby service, we can help.

For more information contact Iain Endicott at iain@t4group.com.au

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