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What would you give to never struggle with pricing conversations, again?

Conversations trying to explain and justify your prices are soul destroying and leave both you and your clients in a less than optimal frame of mind.

Our unique three (3) phase, step by step program shows you HOW to transition your practice into a high level advisory based business so you can Stop Talking PRICE and Start Talking VALUE.


Founded by Lynda Steffens, author of Accounting Revolution, accounting industry advocate and self confessed INTROVERT.

The Small Business Project shows you HOW to get clients who value what you do and will happily pay for it.


The key to revolutionising your world lies not in offering advisory services, you probably already do that, but in changing your client conversations.

Your clients no longer value compliance based conversations like they once did.

The business owners of today want to know how to get from where they are NOW to where they want to be in the FUTURE, strategic and valuable business discussions that are FUTURE focused.

When Lynda was in practice she could see her clients needed help but she had nothing in her toolbox to help them, no tools or knowledge on what to do, when to do it or how to go about it.

Do you feel this way too?


The Small Business Project will fill your client advisory toolbox to brimming.

With purposefully built models, specially crafted scripts, workshops, templates, tools, master classes and everything you will need to change your conversations and deliver the advice your clients want.

Help your Clients, Grow your Business and Revolutionise your Life.


Don’t waste another second, visit us at booth C35 and talk to us TODAY.

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The Small Business Project