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Valenta BPO are specialists in financial and legal services outsourcing and offshoring. We enable hundreds of businesses in Australia, NZ, Canada, UK, United States and the Asia/Pacific to grow through effective staffing solutions. We ensure that you have the best resources to help relieve bottlenecks, improve expertise and deliver cost-effective and efficient employment solutions.

We built Valenta BPO to help great financial services firms like yours run even better. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that outsourcing is a success for your business.

A team of qualified professionals who are able to problem solve and offer solutions. In Australia, our clients include Super Funds, Dealer Groups and Individual Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking practices.

We offer Paraplanning support, Loan processing, Bookkeeping, Real estate support, HR support and more utilising online platforms such as Microsoft OneDrive, Skype and Spreadsheet Easy to streamline our processes and connecting with our clients.

Our Directors are very well experienced in operating multiple Financial Planning practices in Australia and hence we understand your day to day operations. Starting in 2011, today we work with Financial Advisors in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

Why Valenta?

  • Multiple offices
  • Highly experienced, qualified and dedicated staff
  • ISO 9001 & 27001 certified organisation
  • Excellent IT infrastructure
  • Proven track record
  • Exceptional customer service

For more information visit our website our contact as at 1300 193 178

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Valenta BPO