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Krista Moore
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Portals are a convenient electronic storage space in which files can be effortlessly uploaded, downloaded and/or stored, while maximising the security of sensitive information. With CCH Portal, you gain bi-directional file exchange capabilities that make it easy for you to securely deliver and receive client documents, facilitating collaboration and supporting the upload of even the largest files.

With CCH Portal, your clients will experience unmatched convenience through instant access to their documents — including tax returns, financial statements and source documents. Meanwhile, your firm will benefit from reduced overhead and greater efficiency.

CCH Portal enables you and your clients to:

  •  Access vital documents from any location 24/7 via a secure online private repository
  • Easily upload data and documents of all sizes without relying on an FTP server or using email attachments
  • Know when documents are uploaded with automated email notification
  • Lock or unlock files to prevent other users from editing while they are being updated
  • Check out and check in files to facilitate the exchange of data
  • Search, filter and display documents by file type, title, creator, key words and more
  • With an easy to use step by step built-in “how to” guide.
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CCH Portal