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Amelia Wigley

Experienced Marketing and Events Coordinator with a passion for people and brands. My focus is on delivering high quality engagement at events to relevant markets, creating strong brand awareness, building professional networks, and igniting growth.

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[Free templates] 40 most popular Accounting and Bookkeeping services – with pricing benchmark

As an Accountant or Bookkeeper, taking care of your clients is at the centre of everything you do, and more often than not you do so much...

Accountants increasingly at risk of bad debt – how to protect yourself

Studies have marked accountants as 1 of 6 common businesses that are highly exposed to trade credit debt, so how do you protect your income?

News was recently released that...

Fixed Fee Playbook: How to implement fixed fees in your accounting firm

Your complete guide to smoothly transitioning to a fixed fee pricing model with Practice Ignition.

As we head towards the end of the calendar year it’s important to be thinking...

Product Update: Practice Ignition releases the Client Billing Schedule

Never miss a manual billing again with Practice Ignition’s Client Billing Schedule!

The latest product update from Practice Ignition allows for better visibility into your client billings!

The new Client Billing...

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