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Boobalan Madhavan

Co-Founder of AccSource, sharing content written around challenges and solutions for scaling up businesses and building efficient processes.

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Top 5 ways to create customer satisfaction

A customer-oriented organisation places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions. An organisation’s approach to sales and customer relations are the deciding factors of customer...

6 Ways to Reducing your Operating Costs

Operating costs are those required for the day-to-day maintenance and administration of your business.If you are seeing plenty of sales coming through but your actual revenue is only enough...

9 bookkeeping tips to share with your clients

As a peer Accountant it is fair to say, more often than not, we can find plenty of examples of Businesses who fail to do it right by the...

Top 5 Tips to Improve Data Security for Businesses

Data has always been an integral part of an accounting practice and for the most part, could be kept relatively securely in locked filing cabinets / safes etc. But...

Is there a wrong or right time to start outsourcing?

This question is answered with two simple calculations of time and cost:  the time and cost of doing it yourself, and the time and cost of hiring someone else...

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