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Not enough hours in the day? Take them back by automating your data management tasks

Do you feel like a robot, repeating the same simple tasks over and over again?

Are you a professional working in the financial industry? Do you spend more than 2...

Integrating data analytics into your audit plan for a more efficient audit

Is Better Planning the Key to an Efficient Audit?

The work of an auditor today has transformed into something significantly different when compared to the auditor of 10 to 15...

How to Attract and Retain Great Accounting Staff

The accounting industry has been dealing with a talent shortage over the last five years, mainly driven by technological changes. Accounting roles are changing from hard technical skills...

How to add 20% to your practice value – the hook

What would you do if your new financial year started with one of your key staff walking out the door with $200,000 of your fees? Wouldn’t happen? I have...

The Secret Sauce To Retaining Your Clients…

Are you keeping in touch with your clients and offering more than compliance services?

Most clients change accountants because they feel their current accountant doesn’t care about their business. WHY?


How Wolters Kluwer CCH and Xero Solutions Work Together to Make Your Firm More Efficient

New levels of end-to-end workflow are here

Accounting software has grown in relevance for many Australian professional accounting firms with 37% now using a cloud accounting or bookkeeping solution; 58%...

Why 5,000 advisors said they’d like to help their medium business clients more

“The voice of the forgotten middle is starting to be heard” says medium business guru, Mike Rich. 5,000 advisors, mostly from bigger accounting firms, took up his recent...

The Seduction of Growth (gurus)

Are you being seduced by a GROWTH story that could harm your firm?

Have you noticed how many growth gurus there are these days. You know the ones, good-looking, silver...

Is your audit intelligence artificial?

Technology Automation vs Professional Judgement in SMSF auditing

Technology enables greater efficiency in SMSF auditing, which in turn gives time and cost savings. However, risks arise when artificial intelligence entirely...

5 PPSR Matters Critical for the Clients of Accounting Firms

Establishing systems to assist your clients to minimise their potential exposure to problems from not registering customers or businesses that they are dealing with on the Personal Property Securities...

What Specsavers teaches accountants about process

I recently had a visit to Specsavers for my regular eye test and update of my glasses. It was a very good experience which made me realise that Specsavers...

Salary Sacrifice – Q&A – Termination related payments and salary sacrifice


An employee is being terminated and it is proposed the following termination related payments will be made:

  1. Unused Annual Leave
  2. Unused LSL
  3. Payment in lieu of notice
  4. Gratuity
  5. Final pay up to termination date


8 Steps to “Future Proof” Your Accountancy Business

Happy new financial year!

This is a great time to discuss a very important issue for your accountancy business – “How do you respond to:

  • disruptive technologies?
  • changing market demands by SMEs?

ESS BIZTOOLS – 2018 New Financial Year Campaign

Many accountants are seeking products and services to assist in “future proofing” their firms.

The Comm Bank Accounting Market Pulse June 2018 identified a number of service lines, outside of...

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Implementing a Cloud-based SMSF Administration Solution

The brand new eBook:

Navigating Technology Choices

TBAR has arrived and with its arrival comes the need for more rigorous processing...

Are you comfortable with your firm’s vision?

This is a serious question, especially if you are aged under 44, because, according to, your group represents 69% of the accountancy profession.

Do you understand your firm’s vision?


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