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Michael Doran

A practical and commercially astute tax adviser, Michael brings these qualities to all assignments. Clients benefit from his extensive and varied tax and business background. Michael enjoys the challenge of efficiently resolving tax issues, no matter the complexity or unique nature of the issue.

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FBT – Reportable Fringe Benefits and the pooled or shared car exclusion

As the 2020 FBT return preparation process...

Tax and termination payments paid to employees – the intricacies and complexities

Do you handle termination payments for your organisation?

Join Webb Martin Consulting, along with affiliates TaxEd on 19 June for a highly-requested webinar that will cover...

Salary Sacrifice – Q&A – Termination related payments and salary sacrifice


An employee is being terminated and it is proposed the following termination related payments will be made:

  1. Unused Annual Leave
  2. Unused LSL
  3. Payment in lieu of notice
  4. Gratuity
  5. Final pay up to termination date


Make yourself aware of these 2016/17 FBT Compliance Issues

With some significant tightening having been made to the FBT system for 2016/17, particularly in the area of salary packaging by concessionally taxed employers, it is useful to recap...

So, an SMSF is a safe place to keep your assets – right?

The Concern

Until recently, it has generally been assumed that self-managed superfunds (SMSFs) are, as a practical matter, outside the ambit of payroll tax grouping....

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